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My name is Kevin Murphy, and I want to welcome you to Small Game Nation.


I have hunted small game since I was 6 years old tagging along with my father. Hunting is in my DNA. It takes a special person to become a hunter and I am fortunate enough that I find my peace in the outdoors.


Small game hunting is a lifestyle, it is more than the killing of an animal. It is about understanding Mother Nature and developing your hunting and outdoors skills. The hunt can take you all across the world. Most of my adventures have been in the good ole USA, but I have been lucky enough to hunt and fish in Canada, Nicaragua, South Africa, and my latest unique adventure – the Alti Mountain region of Mongolia!


In my sixth decade of small game hunting, I want to attract more attention to the type of hunting that has become such a large part of my life.  Small Game is a type of hunting that often gets taken for granted but has so much to offer. My mission for Small Game Nation is based off of the 3 “R’s” Recruitment, Retention, and Reactivation. Bring more hunters to the game, keep them in the game, and bring back hunters that took some time away.


Every year I hunt with old friends, new friends, new hunters, and seasoned hunters.  Now, I want to share my knowledge of small game hunting with you. Let’s go hunting together! Stay tuned for more and we will hunt something SMALL!


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